Our story

Hey there, I’m Jason Murphy, the Owner and General Manager of Cleveland Website Development. What began as a freelance practice in 2008, turned into a full-time job in 2011. After working for several advertising agencies, software firms and digital marketing companies, I turned my knowledge into my dream of being a business owner.

We started out with just one client and grew to serve more than 60 businesses since. We partner with small business owners, big brands and agencies to deliver professional website design and development services to clients locally, nationally and worldwide.

Our modern approach leverages a distributed team that works across time-zones and from their home office, coffee shop or beach of choice. This allows us to not only ditch the fancy office and save on overhead, it also allows us to achieve a greater work-life balance that leads to happier team members and happier clients.

Why choose CLEVELAND?

Our virtual team works across time-zones, delivering projects in 1/3 of the time most companies can. Our process is more efficient and reliable.
We offer affordable, straight-forward pricing models to make it easy to get started with a new website. No fancy jargon or hidden fees.
Our team is always quick to respond and happy to lend a hand whether it’s a question or a way to fix a bug, our team is ready to serve you with a smile.